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Amal, Psychic medium
Reiki Master
Meditation Instructor

Amal the Psychic Medium is an instant channel to Spirit and works closely with Ascended Masters, Angel Guides, Spirit Guides and high vibrational past on loved ones. 


In Amal's words... 

I am a natural born Psychic Medium that has fine tuned my gift for 30 years. I am a Reiki Master, energy and crystal healer and meditation instructor. I receive constant automatic channeled messages from Angels, Spirit guides and high vibrational passed on loved ones and don't need to use tools for my readings.  My entire life has been devoted to communicating with spirit, maintaining Source Connection and spreading Light Work wherever I go. As an empath, I am finely attuned to all emotions and deeply understand the role emotional and spiritual states play in our physical life. I am dedicated to the path of love and compassion and generating Hope through my practice. As a Libran, I am determined to live in balance and harmony and spread my grounded ability to be logical, sensible and put all situations in perspective so that awareness on a deeper level is achieved. I have always been a deep thinker and spiritual counsellor finding answers particularly in areas of Love, Relationships, Past Lives, and generally understanding the workings of everyday life. I have had much success in giving answers to questions that have long troubled my clients and have a unique ability to see into past issues and help gain an understanding as to what lessons could be learned in order to move on. 

I have a good accuracy with insights.

As a Reiki Master, I embed energy healing through all my sessions and spread the calming effects of clarity and light work through my voice vibration and full body presence. 

I am passionate about psychic meditation and am committed to teaching others to connect with their intuition and balance their energy. 

I often conduct Mediumship demonstrations and shows at psychic fairs and local RSL venues.

Classes & Workshops


We often run Psychic meditation classes and Psychic Intuition workshops. 

Please visit AMAL PSYCHIC MEDIUM on Facebook for times and the location of the current class being held.

 Find us on Facebook: @amalpsychicmedium 

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Next Month:

  • Psychic meditation classes at Psychic Pathways Blacktown. Shop 10, 24-30 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown (inside the arcade)
  • Readings booked by appointment, please contact 0408877514 for times and pricing
  • Reiki and distance healing please contact 0408877514 for times and pricing.


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